Independent & Family Owned.


Vet with dog and cat. Puppy and kitten at doctor.


We are proud to offer a wide-variety of top quality preventative care services such as Vaccinations, Heartworm Prevention and Fecal Parasite Screens.

veterinary surgeon examining x ray in surgery


Palisades Veterinary Clinic has both full body and dental radiography. Radiographs are invaluable to help us determine what may be going on inside your pet.

white poodle dog with a toothbrush in the mouth

Dental Care & Surgery

Our clinic offers in-house dental prophylaxis procedures to clean your pet’s teeth. We also perform routine surgeries such as spays and neuters or minor soft tissue surgeries, such as mass/tumor removals.

Tabby cat with pet carrier isolated on white background

Boarding & Travel

We offer boarding and monitoring for our cat patients. Before coming in for your pet’s physical exam for travel, please carefully review our checklist of items to ensure you are prepared for the visit.