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Diagnostic Care

Palisades Veterinary Clinic is proud to offer a variety of tools to diagnose disease, monitor disease progression, response to therapy, and to screen for underlying disease in healthy patients. We use state-of-the-art Idexx analyzers and radiography. Specialist are employed interpret radiographs and ultrasound, providing expert diagnosis and reports. This information is vital to our veterinarians when creating your pet’s treatment plans.

Veterinarian looks through a microscope at the samples of animal tests in veterinary clinic. Working with analyzes in vet laboratory


Blood, urine and fecal, along with samples from our patient’s ears and skin can be analyzed in-house or at multiple reference laboratories. Labwork may be necessary to diagnose many issues including gastrointestinal upset, parasites, itchy and red skin, pain, frequent urination, and/or increased or decreased appetite or activity level. There are a variety of specialized tests we can run to gain vital information about your pet’s condition and enable our veterinarian to create a treatment plan.


Our clinic uses digital radiography and ultrasound to provide high quality images. Board-certified radiologist and internists review all images to provide expert analysis.

veterinary surgeon examining x ray in surgery

Doctor uses ultrasound scan in veterinary clinic

Other Diagnostics

Palisades Veterinary Clinic can provide a variety of diagnostic to provide additional information on your pet’s condition.  These include tonometry (glaucoma screenings), blood pressure, blood glucose, electrocardiograms.