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Domestic and International Travel

At Palisades Veterinary Clinic we understand that traveling with your pet can be overwhelming. This process may take months to complete, requiring several visits. Understanding your pet’s travel, importation and exportation requirements are your responsibility. Please reach out to the necessary airlines, airports, embassies and consulates to obtain all necessary information.

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Domestic Travel

All appointments should be scheduled within 10 days of your pet’s travel.

It is highly recommended clients consult the airline which your pet is traveling to review all necessary requirements.

All documents needed to be filled out should be emailed to our clinic at least 72 hours prior to travel.

International Travel

Although our staff is capable of handling many requests, we highly recommend considering a pet shipping company.  These are experts in the field and can accommodate this entire process.  Our clinic recommends Capital Pet Movers (see below).

Once you are aware of any travel plans, please contact a member of our staff. Some countries’ importation laws may require up to 6 months or more of planning. Not all of our veterinarians are USDA certified, so scheduling for this service may be limited, especially during busy travel periods (holidays, summer, etc.)

In preparation for your upcoming visit, please review the following information:

Send in advance the full destination addresses and contact phone numbers along with the flight information for the pet.

If this will be your pet’s first visit, please provide previous medical history:

  • Proof of vaccines with current Rabies certificate are required.
  • If your pet has recently received their first valid Rabies vaccine, it must have been administered a minimum of 21 days prior to your arrival date.  This is specific, to Great Brittan and the European Union.
  • Proof of microchip application and date.

Always check USDA website for travel information on your destinations import and export regulations and any/all specific forms to submit. Check the Travel With A Pet page for the most current information.

Fee Guidelines for Certificate Endorsements for countries that require it. – See Pg. 2 (Fees subject to change when submitting certificates through the VEHCS portal)

**Please send all required information to a minimum of 72hrs prior to your scheduled appointment **

Note: Due to the length and complication of these forms, additional business days may be required for completion. Please allow for this extra time when scheduling your visit.

Please read our International Travel Information Sheet to ensure you are prepared for your travel certificate visit!

USDA Locations Servicing the DC Metro area:

USDA, APHIS, VS – Exports
500 New Karner Road
2nd Floor
Albany, NY 12205
(518) 218-7540

**When sending your forms to USDA APHIS NY please include a prepaid return envelope (FedEx or UPS recommended) with your submission. Your submission should ALWAYS be the original set of forms. NEVER submit a copy of a certificate for endorsement.

Capital Pet Movers

Need help arranging travel for your pet?

We know that traveling with your pet can often be a confusing and detailed process. Strict timeframes, varying policies/procedures and potential language and cultural barriers are some of the obstacles you may encounter during this process.

Capital Pet Movers can assist to make your relocation easier.

With over 20 years of experience, Capital Pet Movers has evolved into a regional leader in pet relocation. Their knowledgeable staff is consistently up-to-date on most regulations, to successfully complete your pet’s domestic or international transport. Please visit the Capital Pet Movers website for more information.

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Cat Boarding

We offer boarding facilities for our feline patients.  Our trained staff will give lots of TLC to your pet during their stay.  We can administer medications, injections and fluids.  If you need veterinary services, this can be schedule before or upon your arrival. 

Day Boarding

If your pet does not need overnight care, your dog or cat can stay with us.  Our spacious cages and runs can accommodate patients of all sizes. 

*All patients need to be up to date on their vaccine.  This includes rabies, distemper and bordetella (canines only)