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Wellness and Preventative Care is a cornerstone to your beloved pet living a long and happy life. Our wellness and preventative care recommendations provide our clients with education and insights into their pet’s aging process, potential issues and how to lessen the risks of onset.

Annual Examination

All wellness and preventative care starts with an annual examination by your veterinarian. This nose-to-tail exam, helps us to look, listen, and feel, every major area of your pet’s anatomy. Any abnormalities will be reported, and treatment plans will be created.

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Veterinarian giving injection to dog in clinic


Vaccinations should be administered by a veterinarian or trained technician every 1-3 years. Vaccination protects your pets from disease and minimize their risks of spreading illness to others. At Palisades Veterinary Clinic we offer the following vaccinations:


  • Rabies
  • Distemper/parvo
  • Leptospirosis
  • Bordetella (elective)
  • Lyme (elective)
  • Influenza (elective)


  • Rabies
  • DisteRabiesmper (FVRCP)
  • Leukemia (elective)

Puppies & Kittens

Puppies & Kittens should begin their care at 8-12 weeks.  This requires several examinations from a veterinarian or veterinary technician.  Some vaccinations administered will need to be boostered until they reach 16 weeks of age or older.  Puppies and kittens are also dewormed and tested for several infectious diseases.

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Golden retriever dog

Mature and Senior Pets

Senior pets may start exhibiting signs of slowing down.  Monitoring and changes in your pet’s health and behavior will become more prominent.   Semi-annual wellness examinations should be a consideration as.  Diagnostics may be needed to assess their overall health.  Your veterinarians may consider discontinuing yearly vaccine administration.

Monthly Prevention

All of our patients, no matter what age, should be administered monthly flea, tick and heartworm prevention.  Flea infestations can be very frustrating and costly to treat.  Ticks living in our region harbor lymes disease and are active in temperatures as low at the 40 degrees. Heartworm disease can cause permanent damage to multiple organs and can be fatal if not detected and treated.

These preventatives, most often oral or topical also include protection from several intestinal parasites, ear mites and/or mange.  Our clinic recommends Simparica Trio, Revolution Plus, Nexgard and/or Heartgard Plus monthly.

Our veterinarians recommend dosing your pet all year.  If you have skipped multiple doses of heartworm prevention (Simparica Trio or Heartgard), It is recommended that you retest for heartworm disease.

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Vet checking chip implant on puppy dog, device close up


It is heartbreaking when a pet goes missing. Microchip implantation is on way to prevent permanent separation from a pet.  This simple procedure, often performed when your pet is spayed or neutered, inserts a small chip between your dog or cat’s shoulder blades. It is not invasive and contains your and your pet’s personal information to ensure a easy and safe return. Our clinic uses HomeAgain microchips.